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Phoenix Products Co. Inc.
8711 West Port Avenue
Milwaukee WI 53224
United States

(414) 973-3300
(414) 973-3210


  • Tom Feldusen - International Sales Manager
  • Dean Bellart - Regional Sales Manager
  • Elizabeth Anderson - Regional Sales Manager
  • Kristie Anderson - VP-Marketing
  • Bob Gueldenzopf - Regional Sales Manager

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    Phoenix Products is a leading lighting manufacturer serving the marine, mining, industrial and architectural markets.

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    Company Profile: A leading manufacturer of exterior lighting for specialty applications, harsh high-shock and vibration environments and extreme weather conditions, Phoenix Products Company, Inc. continues to extend its design and production expertise into new lighting applications.

    From Mines to docklite® to Domes

    Mines - Founded in 1892 by George Wordingham, Phoenix Products Company, Inc. has evolved alongside the growth of the city of Milwaukee, where it is still headquartered. From its origins as a printing shop, Phoenix has engineered its growth in several industries, all requiring innovative approaches to projects and solutions to problems posed by customers.

    Phoenix Lighting grew out of the company's Metal Products Division in the 1950s, when a large mining equipment company asked Phoenix to design shock-resistant fixtures for use on their draglines and other heavy equipment. Today, Phoenix continues to manufacture and refine floodlight and fluorescent fixture designs for all international mining companies.

    Marine Fixtures - Success with mining lights led Phoenix's expansion into the marine and petrochemical markets. With lighting products designed specifically to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and corrosive saltwater environments, Phoenix spotlights, ceiling and wall mount fixtures, indoor and outdoor fluorescent fixtures, floodlights and searchlights can be found above and below decks and in marine environments.

    docklite® - Phoenix is the inventor and leading manufacturer of docklite®, the industry's best-known line of fixtures, lamp offerings and accessories for the material handling industry. The docklite line offers extreme durability, with corrosion-resistant construction. A modular ordering system makes replacement and field adjustments less costly and more convenient for Phoenix customers.

    Industrial Applications - Technology developed for mining and marine lines enabled Phoenix to develop durable commercial and industrial lighting fixtures, including explosion-proof, hazardous location and vapor-proof fixtures, task lights and fluorescents, plus other fixture types for a host of industrial applications. Fixtures are built to withstand vibration, shock, variable temperature and weather conditions, chemicals, and high abuse.

    Architectural Lighting - Decades of expertise in designing distinctive lighting for extreme conditions reaches another milestone in the Phoenix Intrigue Series of architectural lighting products. Various specialty lights are used in areas to prevent against heat, water, chemical and other corrosive environmental elements while providing highly specialized lighting performance.

    New in 1999, The Phoenix Intrigue Series combines contemporary design with durable high-performance lighting in bollards, pole tops, wall packs, spotlights, step lights and more. Design choices are flexible, to create a unified family of fixtures or unique accent lighting. Phoenix Intrigue Series offers special effects and enhancements to define architectural details and illuminate building and landscape features precisely to the specifications of a demanding professional audience.

    Artistry in Light Phoenix works with leading lighting designers and engineers to create precise lighting performance fixtures, meet specifications and increase safety for facility and equipment users. To create satisfying, long-term lighting solutions, Phoenix works with domestic and international manufacturers' representatives and sales agents. For more information, call Phoenix Products Company, Inc. at (414) 973-3300


    Phoenix International, Inc. Phoenix International offers a complete line of electrode and flux ovens designed for holding, reconditioning and rebaking welding supplies.

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